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•About Red Dot Cinema

Red Dot Cinema brings independent short films from Asia to the world by distributing films to independent event organizers around the world, holding screening events across different cities. We empower organizers in putting up cool and fun screening events in the most creative spaces.

There are many independent film festivals in the world but there is definitely a lack of Asian films in these festivals. Through Red Dot Cinema, we would like to raise awareness of Asian independent films and promote Asian cultures.

Red Dot Cinema將帶領亞洲的短篇獨立電影走向世界。我們會分享這些優秀的電影作品給全球範圍的放映合作夥伴,讓他們在各自的城市舉辦Red Dot Cinema放映會。我們支持,鼓勵大家在各自最in最潮的地方上映這些即酷又有趣的電影。

現在世界各地都有許多獨立電影放映活動,但是亞洲電影卻只占這其中很小壹部分。我們希望通過Red Dot Cinema能提高大家對亞洲獨立電影的關注,同時也推廣亞洲文化。


After our first stop at Penang, Malaysia back in July 2015,

and our second stop at Taichung, Taiwan in November 2015,

Red Dot Cinema's Asia Tour #3 is going to Hong Kong this March 2016!

With our Red Dot Cinema vol.1, we are bringing you exciting short films from Thailand,

Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Iran, and of course Hong Kong!



終於將在這個三月攜Red Dot Cinema第一彈的作品集來香港啦!





12th Mar 2016 Saturday 6:30pm

(in case of bad weather, announcement will be made for postponing to 13th Mar Sunday 6:30pm)





5/F, Easy-Pack Industrial Building, 140 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong (see map)


地址 : 觀塘偉業街140號依時工業大廈5樓

How to go?

MTR : Ngau Tau Kok, green line


MTR:牛頭角 (綠線)

How to buy tickets?

Early Bird : HKD$100 @ Red Dot Cinema Website

At Door : HKD$130


早鳥票:HKD100 @ Red Dot Cinema Website


Official Website:www.reddotcinema.com


Catch us in Hong Kong, a secret location,

inside one of the crowded buildings of Kowloon,

among the buzzing streets of the industrial district!



Red Dot Cinema亞洲獨立短篇電影放映會



About Films

The Guardian - Documentary

Director: Disspong Sampattavanich

Country: Thailand

Length: 9min

Language: Thai

Subtitle: English

Completed date: 2013

"A canal village’s “crazy man”, who is learning to swim wants want to become a lifeguard of the village. He had lost his son to the water and now tries to cope with it and get through the tragedy with this coping method."

Award winning short film, Best Film and Best Actor from 9FilmFest (2013)

Our Promise (說好的在一起) - Romance

Director:King Wing 榮子樂 (will attend the discussion!!!導演會參加討論哦!)

Country: Hong Kong

Length: 30min 4sec

Language: Cantonese

Subtitle: English/ Chinese

Completed date: 2014

"As time goes by, everything changes, no matter what promises you've made at the very beginning. In reality, love relationships are often challenged. After all, who can truly stay together forever?"

Watch trailer

Sewing Women - Animation

Director: Jin Woo

Country: Korea

Length: 3min

Language: -

Subtitle: -

Completed date: 2012

"There is a woman who is always sewing."

2013 PISAF film festival (Korea)2013 INDIGO film festival (Korea)

2013 Femmina Woman Film Festival(Brazil)

2013 Brazil Student film Festival(Brazil)

2013 Annecy International Animation Festival, graduation film in competition (France)

2013 International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, Asia short film in competition (Korea)

2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival, graduation film out of competition (Canada)

2012 Independent Film Festival in Seoul, short film in competition(Korea)

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Price of a View - Documentary

Director: Lego Ho

Country: Hong Kong

Length: 2min 2sec

Language: -

Subtitle: -

Completed date: 2013

"Hong Kong, despite the fame of Pearl of Oriental, is a tiny place with a population of 7 million. High-rising buildings have been developing everywhere due to the high cost of limited place. The space among the buildings becomes smaller and smaller. The outside view also has become the value of the buildings. Many Hong Kong people have spent their whole life working only for such a tiny living den. However, after their death, they still face the previous situation....."

Gift - Drama

Director: Daniel Yam

Country: Singapore

Length: 7min 30sec

Language: English

Subtitle: English

Completed date: 2013

"A son confronts the resentment towards his father only to realize the true intentions that turn his life around. This boy never saw his dad as an inspiration. Until he found out his big secret."

Best Shorts Nov 2013 (Merit of Excellence)
ProFIRE 2013 (Special Awards of Progressive Film of Reality)
World Film Awards (Golden Awards: Best Story, Best Newcomer/ Best International)
Film Awards of Merit: Best Director/ Best Editing
2nd Asian Short Film Festival (Singapore Best Drama)
Forster Film Festival (Best Film)

Destiny - Documentary

Director: Grace Chew

Country: Vietnam, Singapore

Length: 20min 40sec

Language: Vietnamese

Subtitle: English

Completed date: 2014

"Destiny tells the story of three Vietnamese ladies, who hold the power to change their destiny, as they actively seek for their partner in a foreign country. They believe that fate will lead them to their destined partner. Through in-depth interviews with the ladies, family members and the matchmaker, the documentary reveals the ladies’ inner hopes, fears and aspirations, and how marrying to Singapore can help improve their families’ standards of living. Through the ladies’ narration, audiences witness the reality of the struggles and hardships the ladies face in search of a better future. The film depicts the lives of the girls through the hometowns that they grew up in and their interactions with family members. The ladies envision a new life in Singapore as they embark on a journey in search of their future partner."

Screened at Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults

Selected for Festival de Cine de Lanzarote (FIZL), Documentary Short Film

Watch trailer

Dreams in the Depths - Drama

Director: Armin Isarian

Country: Iran

Length: 12min 48sec

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

Completed date: 2013

"A young boy and his father in a hidden cramped tunnel under the border walls between Gaza strip and Egypt are waiting to bargain their goods with the people from another side of the walls. the boy want to have a bicycle but his father beats around the bush."

Film Festival Awards:
Best short film at Shanghai Int. film festival China 2013
Best short screenplay at Shanghai Int. film festival China 2013
Best short film at LifeTree Int. film festival Colorado USA 2014
Silver Award at IFVA Int. film festival Hong Kong 2014
Critic award at DC short Int. film festival Washington DC USA 2013
Best Audience Toronto Reel Asian Int. film festival Canada 2013

Film Festivals Appearances:
Tampre Int. film festival Finland 2013 officially selected
Big sur Int. film festival USA 2013 officially selected
Isle of Waight Int. film festival Britain 2013 officially selected
Lahore Int. film festival Pakistan 2013 officially selected
And more...

Should you have any inquires, feel free to contact us through reddotcinemaasia@gmail.com



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